Nothing’s the Same


Artwork size 150cm x 91cm
Oil & cold was medium on wood panel
Ready to hang via ‘D’ rings
Price $ 4,500.00

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The artworks in the Ash, Mud & Tears collection were produced for an exhibition of the same name – a collaboration with textile artist, Jude White exhibited at the Northern Regional Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW in 2023.

‘Nothing’s the Same’ is a large composite painted work on wood panel. The 90-piece work is derived from an abstracted aerial map of Lismore – Michelle’s regional centre for 14 years til February 2022 floods. The map repeated of Lismore which has been simplified into 5 lines – two waterways  and three roads – and then cut the individual panels and rearranged the works so they become like a patchwork of the landscape. The concept of life being thrown up in the air for many, and not coming back down the way anything was sit under this work.

The work explores the fragmentation and reconfiguration process that occurs following such events and depicts the experience of everyone’s lives having been thrown in the air, landing back down in a different configuration. The landscape itself was drastically altered in many parts of the region. Michelle has developed a method of working with multiple treated/painted surfaces, cutting and reconfiguring the arrangement to present an altered aerial view of the landscape and reality.

This statement artwork is perfect for a feature wall or business foyer that showcases your personality with original artwork.