Finding Shelter


30cm x 30cm (approx. 12″ x 12″)
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas panel
Tasmanian Oak floating frame (8mm wide x 19mm deep)
Ready to hang!
Price framed $ 490.00

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This painting was the first created in my new studio / home in the period following the devastating floods in Northern Rivers in early 2022. The Flooded Country paintings happened in unison over several days, and focus on the towns badly affected that hold significance to me. This one, like several in the series, pays homage to our new home town of Murwillumbah where we moved on Sunday 27 February — the day before the floods.

This work is painted using acrylics on canvas board. An elusive image of a house can be seen in the bottom left hand corner – something I only noticed it after the painting was finished.