7-Day Money Confidence Course for Artists

Is the money side of your art business your least favourite part?

> Are you ready to change how you feel about handling your finances, pricing your artwork and negotiating discounts?

If you are a yes to either of these, then…

You Are Not Alone!

Many artists struggle with the finance part of their creative business. The drain and worry about feast-&-famine (or just famine) can be overwhelming. That’s why I created this 7-day challenge, to…

Uplevel your confidence to deal with Your Art Biz Finances.

JOIN the Money Mojo for Artists 7-Day Challenge and

create ease in dealing with the money side of your art biz.


Showing you how managing your money can be easy and joyful — just like breaking out a new canvas!

Connecting you to the belief that your work has value so you can set your prices that feel right for you

Discovering the blocks that can be operating in your thinking that keeps a steady flow of money an elusive dream

Releasing any vagueness that comes up when you deal with numbers

Living life freer of limiting thoughts about your creative nature, your talents and worth.


Learning the latest accounting software package

Showering you in lot of ‘quick sell’ business hype

Pushing you to focus on making money as your only motivator.

Enroll today…
and get access to bonus materials immediately, that will set you up with a flying start.

7 daily bite-sized nuggets to get you diving in to the money side of your Art biz

⇒ 7 daily actionable steps so you see progress straight away

Recordings of LIVE Q&A Coaching calls on Days #4 and #8 to answer questions

Private facebook page to support you with community and a sense of connection

Access on mobile platforms so you can stay logged in as you go!

What clients have to say about Michelle’s money coaching…

The course made me rethink things I have previously been thinking without really being conscious of it – like ‘I will never earn enough from my art’. It is definitely worth doing to change your thinking!

Gina Ferrari

Artist, UK , www.ginaferrari-art.co.uk

We never talk about money and never about women´s money so I would definitely recommend it. If you run it again or if you further develop the course, then I am with you!

Leneluise Bertelsen

Artist, Norway

It can feel vulnerable and empowering to look at your money, but important to know your money story, limiting beliefs and understand your finances. It made me really aware of my thinking around spending and that I can change that.

Brandy Patterson

Artist, USA, www.bmpatterson.com

When I started to work with Michelle, the issue I was wanting to work on was my financial fearfulness as an artist.

I have a lifelong habit of living frugally and taking whatever work I could get (and burning myself out). I believed that poverty was just a step away.

I now have greater awareness of my patterns and beliefs, and tools to work with.

Rachel A.

Artist, Graphic Facilitator Australia, www.artbalm.com

When I started to work with Michelle, I really needed help to break through my pattern of staying small and stuck in my stories for money and my career

The lasting change in my life is I got rid of my income ceiling and can allow myself to receive the amount of money I never earned before.

Megumi Sarushashi

Musician, Composer, Performer, megumisaruhashiviolin.com/

Thank you, Michelle for making this course available to us, for your wonderful guidance and the wonderful support from the group. The Mojo Challenge has been a true eye opener for me. One of my main motivators to join the challenge was my belief in scarcity. This limiting belief with all the anxiety attached seems to have vanished. Instead I am feeling so much calmer now and trusting. You are a true inspiration!

Marlene Tholen

Artist, Australia, marlenetholen_art

Hi, I’m Michelle Walker

Artist, Creativity Coach, Author


You have Questions. We have Answers.

When does the course start and finish?

This is an evergreen program. You can start as soon as you want and come back again and again in the future to revisit the activities and resources.

What happens when I sign up?

You will get access to the challenge course area immediately and be able to dive into the “Day 0” materials and content. That way you will get a head start!

Do I have to be a fulltime artist to join?

No, not at all.
If you have a creative passion and know you need to grow your confidence in how you deal with the money side of your art business and practice, then you will get great value.

I’m fully retired and don’t need to earn an income. Is this Challenge for me?

That depends. Yes it’s for you, if you want to grow your confidence in pricing your work and negotiating the money side of your art practice with galleries, buyers and collectors. If you do not need to earn any income from your art and are happy to gift it away to people who love it, then maybe no.

How much time will I need to spend on the materials each day?

30-60 minutes. You can spend more, but as a guide I recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes at a productive time of day to work through the daily nugget and action.

Confidence & Ease with Your Art Biz Finances awaits

$25, 7+ Days’ Training Program, Downloadable Resources, Online Recorded Materials AND
Ooooodles of Transformative Nuggets :-)