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Earth Matters Exhibition poster

Ash, Mud & Tears

…is the work of two artists, Michelle Walker & Jude White, exploring the experience of living through the 2019/20 bush fires and the February 2022 floods. Including sculpture, prints and painting, the artworks are a response to the extraordinary events that have shattered a sense of safety and security, making many feel helpless and overwhelmed with the disruption, loss and challenge of rebuilding. The audience is invited to reflect and connect personally with their own experience of these times.

Exhibition dates: 3 May – 25 June 2023

Opening: 5:30pm 11 May 2023

Artist Talks: 2pm 17 June 2023

Northern Rivers Community Gallery, 44 Cherry Street, Ballina, NSW

Images – top: ‘Nothing’s the Same’ (detail),
below: ‘Holding it Together I, II & III’
photos: Michelle Walker

Past Exhibitions

Earth Matters Exhibition poster

Land Weaver

A solo show of abstract landscapes by artist, Michelle Walker, exploring perceptions of ‘ownership’ and connection to the places we inhabit. These works play with the tradition of western landscape and its origins of providing those who are wealthy evidence of status using their property. In contrast, the artist see myself as part of the landscape. Painting from an aerial view, she map elements and features of significance in an abstract form, a legacy of her years as an environmental planner where maps were tools of the trade.

Exhibition dates: Feb – Mar 2021

Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane

Image: ‘Land Weaver II’

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Out of the Blue

‘Out of the Blue’ was an exhibition of paint and print works by three collaborating artists exploring their passion for the natural environment in distinct and complementary ways. The theme ‘Out of the Blue’  captures both the physical colors of sea and sky that envelope landscapes of meaning for the artists, as well asthe sense of spontaneity and emergence when unexpected events impact on daily life. [This exhibition was rescheduled and interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and lived up to its title ‘Out of the Blue’!]

This was a joint exhibition with artists, Rachel Eberhard and Helen Douglass.

Exhibition dates: Feb – Mar 2021

Metcalfe Gallery, Brisbane

Image: ‘Serenity Hills: My Paddock Paradise’,  photo: Michelle Walker

Earth Matters Exhibition poster
Earth Matters Exhibition poster

Earth Matters

Featuring works in acrylics and mixed media, Michelle’s abstract landscapes are both a symbol of the places we inhabit, and the connections and experiences we hold in our hearts to those places. Michelle draws significant influence from her lifelong love of nature and her previous career in conservation. The past decade living at Serenity Hills farm near Nimbin has meant daily life is intimately spent with the changing rhythms of weather and nature. The threat of fires and the damage of landslips are part of everyday land management. This was a joint show of abstract landscapes with artist, Helen Douglass.

Exhibition dates: Aug – Sep 2022

Blue Knob Hall Gallery, Northern Rivers

Image: Collection of works from the ‘Poems of Water & Rust’ series, photo: Michelle Walker

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