Bespoke artwork that is personal, unique and enduring.

» Do you have a special place in your home that you wish to showcase your style with a piece of contemporary art?

» Are you looking for an unique gift idea?

» Want a way to celebrate a special ocassion?

Commissioning an original artwork is an exciting step to owning a unique piece that fills your home with life and flare.

What to expect

Before commencing a commission project, I spend time with you and the place you have in mind for the artwork. We will talk about your ideas for how you see the work in your mind, and what energy you want it to bring to the space.

Once clear, I send you a ‘commissioning’ email outining the details of the work, the timing, the stages and payments that are agreed. Payment is usually 50% at commissioning stage and 50% on delivery of the final works.

I then purchase the required materials and begin work. When I believe I am nearing completion (say 90% done), I  make contact again with images of the piece for your feedback. With your comments in mind, I then make any adjustments and complete the work.

Curious what a commissioned work would cost? As an example, a 120x150cm painting is priced in the region of AUD$3,000-$5,000. Minimum sizes apply. Please contact me for a quote.

Want to explore commissioning an artwork?

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