My works celebrate the beauty of nature and important places we inhabit.

Each artwork is an invitation to the viewer to contemplate their own connection to the places and landscapes that matter… and our role in caring for them.

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Episode 44 | Need to Recharge Your Energy Levels?

Episode 44 | Need to Recharge Your Energy Levels?

Do you sometimes feel too tired to make art? Do you ever struggle with managing energy levels in the ebb and flow of your creative practice? If yes, then this episode is worth a listen. Michelle and Jennifer talk through the energy dips that can result from finally...

I recognises the generations of people of the Bundjalung Nation who have lived and practiced their culture in the forests, rivers and streams of the Tweed valley for thousands of years as the original owners and cultural custodians of these lands. I pay my respects to the elders, past present and emerging and give thanks for their wisdom and care of land and waters in northern New South Wales, Australia, upon which I live and create.